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Magic Kitty Wash

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Made by a woman for women, Magic Kitty Yoni Wash is 100% natural and safe. Our pH balanced feminine wash is both gentle and effective, so you can feel clean & refreshed with every shower.


Ingredients: aqua, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, coconut oil, almond oil, xanthan gum, glycerin, rose water, green tea extract, aloe vera powder, mica powder, euxyl k 903, citric acid

8 oz


Lather a small amount of soap on and wash mons pubis (where pubic hair grows) & vulva. Use your fingers to massage it in for 30 seconds and then rinse off thoroughly to avoid any soap residue being left behind. Do not use inside kitty canal, external use only.


As all products are 100% handmade please allow 3-12 days to process and 2-5 days for shipping!

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely phenomenal

I buy tons of natural handmade products for my skin, yoni and hair from small business owners. I've been through many different yoni products and washes. Luckily I don't have a sensitive kitty and I never have issues with my kitty. I have my favorites and all the yoni products usually claim to do the same thing but this is the first time I have actually noticed a difference
..IMMEDIATELY. This wash keeps me fresh all day long!! Literally. I am scentless, increasingly more wet and even tighter. You ever shower at night and sleep naked or without underwear and wake up and you got that marinated vagina scent down there? Or maybe just after all day its not exactly musk but its not fresh either? Yea all that is GONE. I smell nothing after waking up and nothing after all day. Having sex for the first time after using the wash..penetration never felt better. I felt every single thing and I was dripping wet. I had an amazing orgasm. I was tight and wet before but NOW?! PHEW! My partner couldn't take it. BUY THIS WASH..and prepare for a healthier, wetter, tighter, happier kitty.

Quiana Lashay
So fresh and so clean

This wash is the truth!! It is truly what it says it is! It really balances your PH and doesn't disturb the natural nature of your Kitty. I can smell the aloe. There's no strong floral smell like most of these other "natural products". You can smell the natural ingredients in this product. It's harmless to your vagina. My Kitty appreciates this product! It leaves me feeling so fresh, clean, and confident! It leaves my Kitty not only squeaky clean, but soft, hydrated, and honestly I think has increased my already high sex drive. I am OBSESSED! I will order again and again! I told my mom about these products, and sent her the link! It's worth the buy.

Jessica Schwartz

Magic Kitty Wash

Space Kitty

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How long does shipping take?

As all products are 100% handmade please allow 3-15 days to process and 2-5 days for shipping!

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